Greater Peoria Sanitary District
2322 S. Darst Street Peoria, IL 61607

Policies & Statements

Role of the Board of Trustees:

Set the internal and external organizational policy of the District.

Provide for the finances of the District.

Employ the Executive Director.

Mission Statement:

To assist other units of local government in facilitating the prosperity of the Greater Peoria Area by:

  • Supporting economic development.
  • Protecting the public health and enjoyment of the environment through the sewage collection and treatment utility.

Guiding Policies for the Organization:


  • User Charges. Fees for collecting and treating sewage shall be in proportion to the service provided. Billing parameters will be: flow, organic content measured by Biochemical Oxygen Demand, suspended solids, and ammonia. All parties having an interest in the property shall be responsible for paying charges. No user shall be allowed to use the sewage collection and treatment facilities without charge. User charges shall recover operating, maintenance and replacement of the District’s assets.
  • Capital Improvements. The properties that directly benefit from the improvement shall pay all capital costs associated with constructing the infrastructure.


  • Maximize the use of the current treatment facilities.
  • Meet permit conditions at all times.
  • Sewer service is not guaranteed to be 100% reliable. Property owners are expected to protect their assets from damage due to sewer backup.

Economic Development

  • Facilitate economic development by assisting with capital financing.
  • Minimize long term operating costs (user charges).
  • Assist other units of local government with economic development.


  • In employment. The workforce shall reflect the makeup of the area served.
  • In construction services. Construction projects funded by the District shall encourage participation by minority and female owned businesses and employment of minority and female workers.

Social Responsibility

  • Employee wages and benefits for District employees shall be comparable with other units of local and state government.
  • The sewage collection and treatment facilities will be operated, maintained, replaced and expanded in a manner that preserves and enhances the asset for the benefit of future generations.


  • Reliable
  • Cooperative
  • Consistent
  • Fair
  • Express reality with candor
  • Efficiency