Greater Peoria Sanitary District
2322 S. Darst Street Peoria, IL 61607


Emergency Call Procedure

Call the Sanitary District first!

Sewer system emergencies include backups of wastewater into home, overflowing manholes, broken sewer pipes, and the like. When a sewer system emergency occurs, please call GPSD before calling a plumber contractor. Use the following procedures for prompt resolution of the problem.

Normal Business Hours – Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

During normal business hours you should call (309)637-3511 and dial extension 4844 or you can dial (309)272-4844 directly to reach the Engineering Department. The person answering the phone will take information about your emergency and give it to the person that can properly handle the situation. If you reach the voice mail system you can choose to leave a message, or you can dial 0 for the operator.

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays

When the office is closed the Sanitary District continues to have a supervisor on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies. You should call (309)637-3511 and follow all of the instructions of the automated answering system or call (309)272-4854 then leave a message. Please leave your information and a supervisor will return your call

Basement Backup Prevention

The Sanitary District recognizes that backups of wastewater into basements do occur despite regular cleaning and maintenance of the sewer system. In response, in 1994, the District adopted a policy to prohibit gravity sewer service to basements for all new construction. That same year the District also established a cost-sharing program to assist property owners in modifying building plumbing to eliminate gravity sewer service to basements in existing buildings. This is an effective method to eliminate sewer backup under almost all conditions. The cost-sharing program assists property owners in bringing older construction into compliance with current practice and pays 75% of the conversion costs up to a maximum District contribution of $3,500 per location. This cost-sharing program was communicated to property owners in the spring of 2001 and winter of 2001-2002 along with the user charge bills. The District’s solution to the basement backup problem is this cost-sharing program. Please contact the District’s Engineering Department at 637-3511 extension 4844 for further information.

Available Records

The Sanitary District maintains detailed maps and records of the sanitary sewer system. These records include not only maps of the public sanitary sewers, but also sketches of almost all building sewers constructed in the District since 1937. Building sewers are owned and maintained by the property owner from the building to the connection with the public sewer. Limited information is available for building sewers constructed prior to 1937, or for areas where sewers were constructed outside of the District and later annexed. A property owner can obtain a copy of the sketch, when available, by contacting the Engineering Department at 637-3511 extension 4844. If any repairs, or modifications, are made to the building sewer the owner is requested to contact the Engineering Department to allow the District to update our records.

In addition to building sewer records, the District maintains a file of sanitary sewer easements. You can also contact the Engineering Department to determine the location of an easement, or to inquire about any other available records of the sanitary sewer system.