Greater Peoria Sanitary District
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Billing info EZ-Pay Program

Billing Information / EZ-Pay Program

GPSD generates revenue to operate its treatment plant, plus maintain the sewer system through a user charge billing system, which is based on water usage. Residential users are normally billed on a quarterly basis or once every three months. Commercial customers are generally billed monthly. It is GPSD’s policy to bill the property owner on record at the Peoria County Recorders’ Office.

GPSD has a multitude of rates, based on the geographical area in which you reside. There are three major water providers that operate in our service area: Illinois American Water Company, Village of Peoria Heights and Pleasant Valley Water District. GPSD purchases water consumption data directly from these utilities in order to calculate your sewer bill. Rates are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and set to meet budgeted expenses. The District has not levied a real estate tax since 1980.

Customers who use sewer lines in and running through the City of Peoria have additional fees. GPSD collects and returns this revenue to the City of Peoria. The City of Peoria Sewer Charge represents the cost to maintain sanitary sewers. Peoria Sewer Rehabilitation represents the cost to improve sewers owned by the City of Peoria. Rates for both of these fees are set by the City Council.

User charge bills are mailed directly to the customer through regular mail. GPSD offers a convenient EZ-Pay program, which allows you to pay your sewer bill electronically, through your checking or savings account. You can obtain more information by contacting Customer Service at (309) 272-4804. Click here for other options on paying your GPSD bill.

A rebate may be given for unsewered water such as filling a swimming pool, lawn watering, landscaping, etc. To obtain an application, please contact Customer Service at (309) 272-4804.

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